Huset vid nattens ände


Camera operators act as a part of the onstage cast and capture the characters’ emotions throughout the play. Close up images are projected in real time on a constantly moving scenography. In my role as technical director I performed the visual mixing. My task was to cut between four cameras and give directions to the camera operators of where to be on stage and which image to capture. Through the lenses of the cameras, I followed the characters, the flow of the dialogue, enhancing emotions and allowing the audience to see the characters from a different perspective.


Writer and Director: Sebastian Hartmann
Costume: Adriana Braga Peretzki
Light design: Lothar Baumgarte
Video design: Voxi Bärenklau
Vision Mix: Annie Tådne
Mask: Melanie Åberg
Choir master: Christine Groß
Dramaten, Stockholm, Sweden
Premiere August 25th 2016