Annie Tådne

Empty House

Video design for Empty House by Johan Inger at Nationaltheatre in Mannheim, Germany.
Choreography & Set Design: Johan Inger
Music: Félix Lajkó
Costume Design: Mylla Ek
Light design: Erik Berglund & Peter Lundin (Qpoint)
Video design: Annie Tådne (Qpoint)
Nationaltheatre Mannheim, Germany
Premiere 11.01.19

Mio, min Mio

Video design and technology for Mio, min Mio at Stadsteatern in Stockholm. The scenery flats were created by visual projections on three walls, creating a fully malleable and immersive environment for the fairytale to take place in. The sense of bliss and the earnestness of the story were captured by subtle movements and deep colours. The projections provide key elements for both the plot and the scenography and also interact with the characters.
Writer: Astrid Lindgren
Dramatisation: Kristina Lugn
Direction: Sofia Jupither
Scenography: Erlend Birkeland
Light design: Linus Fellbom
Sound design: Michael Breschi
Composer: Joakim Unander
Video design: Annie Tådne (via Qpoint)
Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden
Premiere December 17th 2016

Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny

In the desert city of Mahagonny, everything is suddenly permitted, and the residents lose themselves in consumption and pleasure. They alternate between food, games, violence and sex in plastic opulence. Together with the audiovisual artist collective MURK, I created the video design for the opera in two acts. We used six projectors, one backdrop and eleven projected signs, to infuse life into the set design and create the world of Mahagonny.
Music: Kurt Weill
Libretto: Bertholt Brecht
Swedish Translation: Linda Mallik
Conductor: Damian Iorio
Direction, scenography, costume design: Carina Reich/Bogdan Szyber
Light design: Ronald Salas
Video design: MURK; Annie Tådne, Carl-Jonathan Szyber, Una Boskovic
Mask design: Janina Rolfart
Choreographer: Disa Krossness
Supplementary stage design: Sara Torsson Szyber
Chorus Master: Kjell Oscarsson
Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, Sweden
Premiere October 6th 2016

Huset vid nattens ände

Camera operators act as a part of the onstage cast and capture the characters’ emotions throughout the play. Close up images are projected in real time on a constantly moving scenography. I performed the visual mixing, and followed the characters through the lenses of the cameras, to enhance the emotions and to allow the audience to see the characters from a different perspective.
Writer and Director: Sebastian Hartmann
Costume: Adriana Braga Peretzki
Light design: Lothar Baumgarte
Video design: Voxi Bärenklau
Vision Mix: Annie Tådne (via Qpoint)
Mask: Melanie Åberg
Choir master: Christine Groß
Dramaten, Stockholm, Sweden
Premiere August 25th 2016