Annie Tådne


EVERY is a constant and at the same time a fluctuating compound, where certain combinations, movements, orders, positions and shapes generate a resonating body. When actuated by force and light, mechanical rhythms begin to decay as victims of gravity, and magnetic hums make obscured fields tangible in sound-space. By letting commonplace and antiquated objects coexist with simple and functional electronic components, this piece reveals an intricate series of relationships between natural phenomena and chaotic forces of life. Every little thing is part of a larger system and Every is subject to corrosion.
EVERY consists of a web of still and floating components. Within this, by sight frozen, system, there are processes of motion. When forces of light are put into circulation, electronic signals are directed to an information-processing memory, where calculations take place. By following certain rules, signals are forwarded to trigger mechanical structures to perform an act of motion. This act of motion will create a resonating sound which will make the process of causation audible and apparent. EVERY reflects forms of life. May it be the composition of the universe, configurations of atoms, political climates, social relationships or environments in decline.
The movement of the light is determined by a participant, by which direction and with what force the lamp is pushed. The certain movement together with the formation of elements, create diffusions of rhythmic pulsations. These pulsations are decaying, due to gravity which forces the lamp to slow down. Every time someone swings the lamp, the movement will be different, and new constellations of rhythms will appear. But what will stay constant in the system is the position of the objects and the force of gravity.