Annie Tådne

Light Design for Parallax

Parallax is a movement-based interactive VR artwork by Nicola Plant. The audience communicate with one another by intuitively performing hand expressions and gestures that sculpt a shared malleable object existing in the virtual space between them. For the non-virtual world in this exhibition, I created a light design that mirrored the virtual world, to establish a bridge between them two. A mesh of electroluminecent wires together with purple spotlights highlighted the dark, tunnel-shaped gallery space, as a portal into the virtual world.

Light installation for AJA

Set and light design for queer noise artist AJA. A mesh of electroluminescent wires are transforming the performance area, and highlights the spatial attributes and architecture of the venue. The illuminated wires are automated with various strobing patterns, and activated by the music. The wires are thin copper wires coated in phosphor, which glows when alternating current is applied. Together with strobe, smoke and AJA’s unsettling noise, distressed screams and distorted drones, a fully immersive environment is created, which challanges the audience by breaking down barriers and pushing limits sonically and visually.
Installed and performed at:
29.09.18 – New River Studios, London
06.12.18 – The Glove That Fits, London
31.01.19 – CTM festival, Berghain, Berlin
22.02.19 – Sonic Acts festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam
06.04.19 – Cave City, Nottingham Underground Festival, Nottingham

Paroxysm at Norbergfestival

Paroxysm is an interactive light-installation exhibited at Norbergfestival in Sweden.
The dimensional relationships in our surroundings can be realised through our spatial practice, where audial impressions command the way sounds of a particular location interact with our perception, imagination and memory.
Paroxysm is a mesh of light constructed and activated by surrounding noises made by the Mimerlaven site itself and its spectators. By drawing on spatial relationships, its features aim to invite others to partake with their individual experience of space through sound. When meaning is generated and shared through spatial and embodied cognition, it amplifies a construction of a reality that is active, dynamic, collaborative and co-evolutionary in our highly individualised society.
The space, the installation and the participants are together seen as one entity, where the participants are a part of the space, absorbed by it and also subjected to it. These parts are merely a pattern in an indivisible web of relationships. The outcome may be a form of collective paroxysm, a co-emergent awareness, where existence is a mutually influential correlation with the continuous transformative environment.
Norbergfestival is located at the defunct ore mine extraction site Mimerlaven, located centrally in the town of Norberg. The festival hosts events of contemporary, experimental and electronic music and open encounters between artists, volunteers and visitors in Scandinavia. The installation was exhibited at Krossverket, a concrete room located in the basement of the Mimerlaven ore mine facility. The room has a natural cavernous reverb, with further trails of long reverberation emanating from the adjacent mining hall and unknown spaces above and below.


FLIM Stockholm presented an audiovisual concert with Biosphere inside Cosmonova, the grand dome cinema of the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. During the night our installation Synergos (by MURK) was suspended from the third floor in the dome, creating an illusion of it floating in the air. We wanted to challenge the senses of the audience and exploit the historical location, given to us for one night to transform. The aim was to create a natural atmosphere with multimodal tools, in the same way Biosphere does with his musical compositions. The movements used in the animations originated from nature around us, and we recreated these movements into something new  to elevate its context and form. Synergos alludes to the fundamental principle of synergy, when two forces together create an augmented reality. Through computer generated sound and graphics combined with the sculpture’s solid form, the installation transforms into a body of illusions, a kind of living being. 1 + 1 = 3.