Untold: Tellurian Visions

Tellurian Visions is an audiovisual accompaniment to Sophia Loizou’s new album and poetry collection Untold and Untold:


EVERY is a constant and at the same time a fluctuating compound, where certain combinations, movements, orders, positions and


FLIM Stockholm presented an audiovisual concert with Biosphere inside Cosmonova, the grand dome cinema of the Swedish Museum

Paroxysm at Norbergfestival

Paroxysm is a mesh of light constructed and activated by surrounding noises made by the Mimerlaven site itself and its spectat

Light design for AJA

Set and light design for queer noise artist AJA. A mesh of electroluminescent wires is transforming the performance area and h

Empty House by Johan Inger

Video design for Empty House by Johan Inger at Nationaltheatre in Mannheim, Germany. Choreography & Set Design: Johan Inge

Lost & Found – Boberg 1.

Boberg 1. / Lost & Found explores frictions between distant and present memories. The system forms a hands-on interplay be

En natt i den svenska sommaren

Video design together with Emi Stahl for En natt i den svenska sommaren Premiere in 2018 at Elverket, The Royal Dramatic Theat

bacteria of cheese, death of silence, erasure of self.

  A study in noise as parasite: laser engravings on self destuctive acrylic records. A translation of digital sound into

Live visual performanceSHXCXCHCXSHSound of StockholmReactor Hall R1Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm2017

Nordic Music Days at Southbank Centre

Live visuals alongside the Swedish electronic artist TMRW/Maria W Horn at Nordic Music Days, Southbank Centre, London. Nordic

Mio, min Mio

Video design and technology for Mio, min Mio at Stadsteatern in Stockholm. Writer: Astrid Lindgren Dramatisation: Kristina L

Dold at Fylkingen

I performed a live visual set alongside the musician Dold as he played an ambient set at Fylkingen in Stockholm. The abstract

Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny

In the desert city of Mahagonny, everything is suddenly permitted, and the residents lose themselves in consumption and pleasu

Huset vid nattens ände

Camera operators act as a part of the onstage cast and capture the characters’ emotions throughout the play. Close up im