Light design for AJA

Set and light design for queer noise artist AJA. A mesh of electroluminescent wires is transforming the performance area and highlights the spatial attributes and architecture of the venue. The thin copper wires are coated in phosphor, which glows when alternating current is applied. The wires are programmed and activated according to AJA’s sonic movements, unsettling noise and distressed screams. As part of the CTM festival in Berlin, I also created an electroluminescent costume to illuminate AJA’s body.

29.09.18 – New River Studios, London
06.12.18 – The Glove That Fits, London
31.01.19 – CTM festival, Berghain Säule, Berlin
22.02.19 – Sonic Acts festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam
06.04.19 – Cave City, Nottingham Underground Festival, Nottingham