Lost & Found – Boberg 1.

Boberg 1. / Lost & Found explores frictions between distant and present memories. The system forms a hands-on interplay between material and computational properties, where instrumentation of physical objects are forming audiovisual resonances. Material structures are being decoded into fleeting sounds and modulated through manual calibration. By the use of computer vision and live cameras, a real-time system is created which bridges the digital and physical elements. The cameras are acting as the violin, and the objects are acting as the bow.
The piece started off as an exploration of a personal archive of objects and memorabilia. It has then grown to explore sonic qualities of objects in museum collections. It has over the years taken on different forms: as performance, installation and workshop. It got nominated to The Lumen Prize 2019 and received an Honorable Mention at the Matera Intermedia Festival in Italy 2019. A lecture and workshop were set up around the piece at Late at Tate Britain 2019.
Östergötlands Museum, Linköping, May 2022
Galleri Syster [part of solo exhibition The Lost & Found Department], Luleå, December 2021
Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, October 2021
CCTV Studio,  Stockholm, May 2021
Matera Intermedia Festival, Italy, September 2019
Dorkbot London, London, April 2019
Late at Tate Britain: Liquid Reflections, London, March 2019
Creative Machine 2, London, November 2018
Echosystems, London, September 2018