FLIM Stockholm presented an audiovisual concert with Biosphere inside Cosmonova, the grand dome cinema of the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. During the night our installation Synergos (by MURK) was suspended from the third floor in the dome, creating an illusion of it floating in the air. We wanted to challenge the senses of the audience and exploit the historical location, given to us for one night to transform. The aim was to create a natural atmosphere with multimodal tools, in the same way Biosphere does with his musical compositions. The movements used in the animations originated from nature around us, and we recreated these movements into something new  to elevate its context and form. Synergos alludes to the fundamental principle of synergy, when two forces together create an augmented reality. Through computer generated sound and graphics combined with the sculpture’s solid form, the installation transforms into a body of illusions, a kind of living being.