Annie Tådne


Annie Tådne works within the intersection of art and technology. Her interests lie in the synthesis of art, media, technology and architecture, where music is paramount in all of her creations. She explores spatial and embodied cognition through audiovisual and performative modes of expression. Lately, she has inquired into certain aspects of post-digitalism, where the combination of light, sound, space, materials, and structures can give new resonance to how we consider art and technology, and amplify the construction of a reality that is active, dynamic and co-evolutionary.Her work spans a diverse range of mediums and environments such as theatre, club culture, music and installation.
Her works have been exhibited at institutions such as Tate Britain, UK, London (2019), CTM festival at Berghain, Germany, Berlin (2019), Southbank Centre, UK, London (2017), Sonic Acts at Paradiso, The Netherlands, Amsterdam (2019), Re-Textured at Village Underground, UK, London (2019), The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden (2016 & 2018), The Opera House, Umeå, Sweden (2016), Norbergfestival, Norberg, Sweden (2018), Sound of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden (2017), and The Museum of Photography, Stockholm, Sweden (2015).